High Seas Drifter is an iconic West Coast vessel and the core of our operations

High Seas Drifter is an iconic West Coast Vessel and the core of our operations. She creates the ultimate setting and atmosphere for our clients to have truly unique and memorable adventures. Many clients say spending time on the historic Drifter is the highlight of their trip.

She is presently CSI certified for commercial work and can accommodate 10 passengers and two crew comfortably.

Built during what is known as ‘The Golden Era of West Coast Shipbuilding’, she was a Torpedo M12′ and named the ‘Atlin Post’. The ‘Atlin Post’ and sister ship the ‘Chilko Post’ were used as ‘Torpedo Recovery’ vessels.

In 1945 the government repurposed the vessel for ‘Fisheries Patrol’ along the coast of British Columbia. After her retirement from Fisheries the vessel was sold into private hands and has continued to work commercially.

She sleeps 12 and is equipped with 2 double staterooms, 1 single estate room, 1 forward stateroom with 4 single bunks, another 2 bunks along a companion way area. There are 2 shared bathrooms complete with showers, sink and heads (toilets), commercial grade galley, fresh water maker, laundry facilities, drying room and a beautiful salon for relaxing and evening entertainment.  The Drifter is the perfect mix of nautical history and the modern amenities you need to be comfortable



High Seas Vessels

High Seas Roller

High Seas Roller

High Seas Roller is our “speed boat” of the fleet. This 2021 – 2825 Coastal edition Kingfisher will get you out fast to the fishing grounds and return you safely back to the drifter at night.

Powered by twin 200 Mercury Verrados, she is quiet, dependable and a terrific fishing platform for salmon and all other fish species. She can accommodate up to 4 anglers at a time. She is very comfortable and has a marine toilet for the ladies and gents!

High Seas Roller

High Seas Tideline 28

The new Tideline 28, launched in July 2021 is ready for work in 2022 and beyond.

She will be our taxi on the water, for moving guests and gear to/from the dock as well as all gear and supply needs for our charter work. Off season she can be hired as a crew boat or in support of the drifter.

When not freighting or hauling people she also does double duty along side our Kingfisher as a guide boat. She can accommodate up to 4 anglers at a time plus additional non fishing clients.

She is a great wildlife viewing platform with comfortable seating and big windows.

She is powered by single 380 horse Volvo as well as a Yamaha 25 horse Kicker. She can carry 10 passengers comfortably with a fully heated cabin. On board is a small galley and a marine toilet!

High Seas Roller

High Seas Crummy 1

Crummy 1 is a 26 foot twin Yamaha powered catamaran hull work boat that gets things done! She can be beached, prawn, crab, and work as a back up Guide boat, freighting or any one of a million tasks.

She mainly is a support boat for the Drifter but can be chartered by herself as well.

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