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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

We know you probably have a few more questions. That’s great! We’ve included the answers to some of our  frequently asked questions below.

What kind of weather can I expect?2022-04-15T14:25:46+00:00
The weather on the coast is ever changing.  It can be stifling hot and calm or cold, damp and windy all in the same day.  We have included a link to the local weather and encourage you to keep watch.  If you follow our gear list you will be prepared for all situations and of course we supply rain gear and waterproof footwear.  Our guide boats are also complete with diesel heaters so we can stay out fishing all day in comfort on damp cool days.
Are you Transport Canada Certified?2022-04-15T14:25:01+00:00

Safety is number one to us at High Seas Outfitters.  We have gone above and beyond to ask the tough questions and jump through the hoops with Transport Canada.  No grey areas here!  All our boats are fully compliant, certified and registered Commercial and maintained to the highest level with your safety in mind.  All our staff are Transport Canada licensed to the highest level for their position. We think of these things so you won’t have to! Relax and focus on having fun.

Will I get sea sick?2022-04-15T14:24:14+00:00

Only you will know the answer to this, but what we can tell you is that we have never had anyone get sick on our mothership lodging.  We anchor in very protected bays and most people would never know they were on a boat in the evening or at night.  When we are fishing we do our best to stay in the comfort zone of the group.  We ask you to communicate honestly with us about this.  We are very fortunate to  have many islands and broken water where we fish and we can usually find nice water.  There are some great medications that you can bring beforehand, patches etc.  We do carry bands and basic medications on board but we request that you bring your own if you are prone to this condition.

Is there internet or cell service? Can a loved one reach me during the trip?2022-04-15T14:23:27+00:00

We operate very remotely.  There is no cell service or internet on the High Seas Drifter normally.  This is a welcome chance for our clients to unplug while they are with us.  We do have contact on our Inreach units and can send a text or receive a text if we need to touch base with home.  We can also provide an emergency contact number of someone who will know how to get a hold of us on our trip.

What is the High Seas payment structure?2022-04-15T14:22:29+00:00

Deposits to reserve trips are $500 non-refundable per guest. The deposit will be brought to 50% of the trip price as of Jan 1 the year of your trip.  Full payment is due 60 days before Day 1 of your trip.

What is a fuel surcharge?2022-04-15T14:21:44+00:00

We certainly all are aware of what Fuel Surcharges are but this is a new thing for us.  Unfortunately world events have sent fuel soaring. We have never been the ones not to go the distance for our clients and don’t want to start making decisions on where and when to go based on fuel prices.   If fuel prices are above $1.70/Liter dockside at the time of your trip we will reserve the possibility of charging a surcharge.  We will have a baseline of fuel burn and fuel prices closer to your trip and will keep you informed. Thanks for your understanding.  We hope things get back to normal for everyone.

Are there extra charges for fishing gear and bait?2022-04-15T14:21:09+00:00

Unlike some operations there are no hidden fees with gear or tackle.  We supply only the best gear and tackle for your enjoyment.  Brands like Islander Reels and Shimano, Gibbs Delta, AP Tackleworks, Westcoast Fishing Tackle, are some that come to mind.  We fish with a combination of bait and hard lures depending on the species of fish and time of the year.  Bait is getting harder every year to secure but don’t worry we have it!

When should I book my flights pre and post trip?2022-12-26T16:41:56+00:00

If you are travelling by air please make a reservation at one of the Kitimat hotels the night before your  trip.  High Seas will help help arrange a shuttle or taxi for your group to transfer you from Terrace Airport (YXT) to your hotel in Kitimat.  Most people flying will depart the morning after your trip ends so another reservation should be made in Kitimat the night your trip ends.

Again, we will help facilitate a shuttle to take you to the airport for your departure trip.  Please note shuttles or taxis will be at guests expense, but High Seas staff will help coordinate your rides.

Is lodging required pre and post trip in Terrace or Kitimat?2022-03-19T15:26:39+00:00

As we have a very early departure on day one of your trip you will definitely need lodging the night before Day 1. If you are travelling by vehicle we suggest you book a hotel in Kitimat so that you are minutes away from MK Bay Marina the morning of your departure.

If you are travelling by air we are finalizing expeditor and shuttle details so it is not yet determined if hotel reservations will be in Kitimat or Terrace.  Please check back. Lodging post trip will depend on your flight itinerary and travel plans.

Recommended hotels:

Microtel Kitimat
Mstar Hotel Kitimat
What is the easiest way to get to the High Seas Drifter?2022-03-19T15:22:34+00:00
We suggest you to get to Kitimat BC via Northwest Terrace Regional Airport (YXT) https://yxt.ca/ with connections through Vancouver BC, Edmonton AB, Calgary AB and Prince George BC. Carriers include Air Canada, Central Mountain Air and Westjet currently.
You may also drive directly to Kitimat on an all weather highway.
  • Distance from Vancouver 1408 Km
  • Distance from Calgary 1413 Km
  • Distance from Edmonton 1369 Km
  • Distance from Prince George 630 Km
Where should I meet you once I arrive in Kitimat or Terrace?2022-12-26T16:36:24+00:00

If you are travelling by vehicle we will meet you at MK Bay Marina in Kitimat, BC on or around 6 AM the first morning of your trip (Arrival Date).  If you are travelling by air to YXT, we will help you arrange a shuttle or taxi to transport you to your hotel in Kitimat, BC.  The morning of day one of your trip (Arrival Date) we will meet you at your hotel around 5:45 AM and transfer you to our crew boat in MK Bay Marina for the start of your trip.

How much does Canadian dollars equal?2022-03-14T00:14:31+00:00

If you would like to figure out what the Canadian $$ equivalent is your currency, please visit:

Currency Converter

Can you accommodate people with mobility issues?2022-04-15T14:10:08+00:00
Yes, we can depending on the type of disability or issue. Please ask us so we can be prepared and let you know if it is possible and how we might accommodate your specific needs.
What if I have dietary restrictions?2022-04-15T14:11:27+00:00

Please let us know well in advance of your trip so we can plan accordingly. Feel free to remind us right before your trip as well!

What if I have a special request?2022-04-15T14:12:37+00:00

We always are open minded and will do our best to accommodate your special request. Let us know what you’re thinking so we can discuss the best way to meet your requirements if possible.

What are my catch limits?2022-04-15T14:14:47+00:00
Here is a link to the management region where we fish. You can scroll through but in true government fashion it is not easy to get the clear picture.  The nuts and bolts are 8 Salmon (4 of which may be Kings / Chinooks), 2 Halibut under 90 cm or one between 90 and 133cm, 4 Ling Cod, 6 Rockfish (certain species only).
How do you process my fish during the trip and prep for transport by airline or by vehicle?2022-12-26T16:39:53+00:00

During your trip your catch will be handled with the utmost care to ensure the finest table fare when you get home.  This is extremely important to High Seas Outfitters.  Your fish will be bled, cleaned and cooled promptly upon catch and at day’s end we will fillet, vacuum seal, label and freeze your daily catch in our onboard freezers.

Cleaning and packaging will meet the Standards for Packaging and Transport set out by The Department Of Fisheries and Oceans. The exception to the above will be for Halibut.  We are required to keep one side of the Halibut whole to prove length, this becomes inconvenient  for meal time and transport.  We arrange a Certified Fish Processor to meet us dockside at the end of your trip to process and vacuum-seal your Halibut or any other fish you choose into meal sized packages. Dockside processing will be at guests expense.

If you travel by vehicle we suggest bringing your own coolers that we will leave in your vehicle during your trip.  Upon arrival dockside at the end of your trip we will help you load your catch with ice for purchase at MK Bay Marina for your trip home. If you are flying we will have Airline Approved cardboard covered Styrofoam coolers for sale. Price per cooler is approx. $50 Cdn. Each Airline has specific rules as to weight and price, usually a 50 pound limit per cooler.  We will have freezer space available in Kitimat for your fish, for those guests who overnight and depart the next day.

Where can I buy a fishing licence and what do I need?2022-04-15T14:17:59+00:00
You will need to buy your fishing license online before your trip. The link below will take you to the Apply for a Tidal Waters Fishing License BC page.  You will proceed down the page to the “Apply Now” Button and press on it.  This will take you to the page to Login for existing fishers or create an account for new fishers page.  Please purchase a 5 day Saltwater License starting Day one of your trip, and an annual Salmon Conservation Stamp.  Print out your license and save the PDF to your mobile device so we could print a spare if lost or destroyed.
How much are the taxes and gratuities?2022-04-15T14:18:39+00:00

High Seas Outfitters must collect Goods and Services Tax,  GST of 5% on our trip price for the Canadian Federal Government.  The Local Conservation fee is a daily fee that is collected  for the Local First Nations whose Traditional Territory we visit and fish in. Fees are $90 and $120 for our 4 and 5 day trip respectively.  Gratuities are normally 10 to 20% of the trip cost.  Tips are split between all guides and staff and can be given to Spike or Leif at the end of your trip and they will make sure they are split accordingly.  Tips are normal but only a suggestion and can be given out as to the clients judgement.

How can I pay my deposit and fees?2022-04-15T14:19:45+00:00

You may pay by personal cheque, cash, wire(we can provide wire info), etransfer to: [email protected] or CC (we will charge 3% on all CC charges)

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